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Argentina expels naval commander after San Juan's disappearance

December 16 Argentina delayed its naval commander a month after the submarine Ara San Juan disappeared off its southern coast with 44 crew members.

Defense Minister Oscar Aguad announced the appointment of Marcelo Eduardo Hipólito as a pleasure in retirement, the Argentine daily La Nacion reported on Saturday. The ministry plans to name a temporary leader on Monday.

Sorour, 60, was appointed head of the navy and promoted the admiral in January 2016.

The ship of San Juan, a German-made ship, 34 years old, was not found after the loss of contact on 15 November in the South Atlantic.

The last known site was in the Bay of St. George, where he left the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego in southern Argentina and his main base in Mar del Plata.

One week after the disappearance, the Argentine navy said an explosion had been discovered at its last known location a few hours after the loss of contact.

Jessica City, a sister of a crew member, told Telesor: "We all feel like they are hiding things from our side." "The Navy has practically tortured us with this situation in which we have lived."

Friends and crews in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata marched on Friday night demanding that the government "continue research."

With enough oxygen to keep life for 10 days underwater, the rescue mission was stopped at the end of last month.

Argentina is trying to find a ship but the efforts were halted Saturday due to strong winds and waves, and Voice of America News reported.

Legislators intend to form a commission to investigate what happened.

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