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Tesla to Taxis, Lift, Uber Drivers: Not Used Superchargers

December 16 [أوبي] – The electric car company Tesla does not want its super-terminals used for commercial purposes, including taxis and companies famous for the ride that includes Uber and Lift. The new policy, issued on Friday according to Bloomberg, also applies to cars used for commercial delivery or government …

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Real Madrid dominated the United Arab Emirates 2017

After the FIFA Club World Cup ended in 2017, the Viva Technical Studies team named Luka Modric launched. The Real Madrid star has won the Golden Ball Adidas and the Santa Claus with great performances in each of his matches, helping them win the competition for the second consecutive year. …

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Study: Living near the gym may help maintain weight

Saturday, 16 December 2017 – When it comes to staying fit, research indicates that it is really about location, location, and location. In a new British study, middle-aged and elderly adults who have homes close to gyms and other exercise facilities tend to be trimmer than those who do not. …

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