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Injury of Lord T. Montgomery appears close to return of mobilization

Green Bay, Wes. (AP) – Injured Green Bay Backers Running TT Montgomery has a chance to play Sunday in Minnesota.

Montgomery was listed as a full participant for the second consecutive day Thursday while wearing a windbreaker to protect the broken ribs that hit Chicago on Sept. 28. The practice on Thursday was a single padded workout of the week and a key in determining its availability

"I played with one in high school," said Montgomery. "It is very normal, sweater jacket is very natural, they are not in the way or anything."

Montgomery said he was "fined" after being beaten twice.

"Based on what we saw in practice, I think he could" play, the rear runner coach Ben Sirmans said Thursday night. "They have equipment now that can basically absorb any kind of effect, and based on what he did in the past two days, I would say he moves around and seems to be able to play.

David Bakhtiari was left limited for the second day in a row with a hamstring injury that kept him for the last four games. His return will be a task against the Vikings defensive end of Iverson Griffin, who leads the NFL with six bags and has four bags in the last four games against Green Bay.

If Bakhtiari plays, the Bundesliga will have their first line of attack together for the first time this season.

"The biggest thing is when I come back there to stay there," Bakhtiari said. "This is the most important thing and make sure that I add to the team and do not hinder us at all, the second it's good enough, we'll give it a go."

If Bakhtiari does not play, riders are likely to move left-back Lynn Taylor to the left of the third week in a row, with Justin McCray entering the left guard. This would give the contestants the same offensive line for consecutive weeks for the first time this year.

On defense, the secondary duo can be beginners. Safety Morgan Burnett (Rabat) and Cornerback Kevin King (concussion) did not practice this week. Burnett also plays in some packages and wears a communications helmet as a playboy.

"You hate having one of the main gears that were not there, but we went through different combinations here in the first five weeks," said defense coordinator Dom Capers. "What he does is that men have to climb up and have them to perform."

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