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Kenica Jenkins 'Mom Threatens Police for Not Taking' Seriously after finding a teenager #BREAKING112

Terrassa Martin was left devastated after her daughter, Kenika Jenkins, was found dead in the Fraser Hotel on 10 September. Now, she talks about why she is dissatisfied with how the police handled Kenika's disappearance.

Kenika Jenkins, 19, went to a concert at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois at 11:30 pm. On 8 September. At 4:00 am on September 9, Kenica's mother, Teresa Martin received a call from friends at the age of 19, explaining that they did not know where she was. Friends told the police that they were leaving the party with Kenika when they realized that the teenagers had forgotten her mobile phone, so they returned to get him, leaving Kenika alone in the lobby. When they returned, I went. Tirassa says she ran into the hotel and arrived at 5:00 am, but was told that the hotel staff had not been able to review any surveillance footage without a report missing from the police.

Of course, she contacted Rosemont police immediately, but they asked her to wait a few hours before the report, only in the case of Kenika. Later that morning, Kenika's sister presented the report, but the search did not begin until 15:15. It was not until the time of 12 hours Later that Teresa was informed that her daughter's body was found walking in the freezer in the hotel. "If you took me [police] seriously and checked out right away, they could find my daughter much earlier," says Trierasa Chicago Tribune . "You may be alive."

The police watched the surveillance footage at the hotel around 3:00 or 4:00 pm and initially told Teresa they had not seen Kenika in any of the videos. After hours of begging, Teriasa finally got the response officer to agree to another look, and around 10 pm, she was informed that the cameras caught on Kanika appeared to be "drunk drunk" by the reception desk at 3:20 am at 1:00 On the morning of September 10, police told Terrassa that they had discovered the body of Kenika in the freezer, but the 19-year-old was tragic, away from the recovery point.

Police told Terrassa that they believed that Kenika allowed herself in the fridge while drunk, then died inside. However, Terrasa is convinced that there is more to the story. "Those double doors were steel," she explains. Teriasa also said she was somewhat skeptical about what Kenika's friends said to the police because "their stories have changed over and over again." A spokesman for the Office of the Medical Examiner Hollywood Life confirmed that the autopsy was complete, but "the cause and method of death awaits further studies."

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