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Manchester United News Transfer: The latest live player rumors from Old Trafford

The goal summarizes the largest transfer of speech involving Red Devils as José Mourinho looks forward to adding more to his team

Man Utd Targit Evans Riturn

 John Evans West Brom "Prob =" Oyd: 1gzl0mcazc2ot18o7p98u4u7q8; 300 "Sark =" https: //images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/d4/b/jonny-evans-west-brom_1py7ob06qhbg11rsupcgtbnrmv.jpg?t=-323547283 "Style =" Width: 100%; "/ > </p>
<p> Manchester United are ready to make a presentation that would bring West Brom defender Johnny Evans to Old Trafford, <em> mirror </em> reports. </p>
<p> Jose Mourinho believes Louis van Gaal made a mistake by selling the center again for £ 6 million in 2015, although the Red Devils reported their interest from Manchester City and Arsenal, 29. </p>
<p> West Brom is thought to be open to selling Evans for about £ 30m during the January window. </p>
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<h2> Mckitarian Ott, Ozil in Mann-Oued </h2>
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<hr style=  "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/80/98/mesut-ozil-arsenal_1ogp0oa6p03oa11sv3tc6cgy6s.jpg?t=214568456 "Style =" Width: 100%; "/> </p>
<p> Jose Mourinho ready to unload Henrich Mkhitarian in the summer while looking to make room for Arsenal's Massoud Ozil, reports <em> The Daily Mirror </em>. </p>
<p> Armenia was rejected at Old Trafford and did not appear to Jose Mourinho since November. </p>
<p> The Manchester United president is now ready to criticize the former Dortmund star and replace him with Ozil, whose contract ends with Gunners in 2018. </p>
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Manned Oved Huff Bill Agrement
 Gareth Bell Real Madrid Meles Al-Stars "Prop =" Uid: 1sx7up1mvnn4p104fgumh3cmuz; ; Hit: 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/fb/1f/gareth-bale-real-madrid-mls-all-stars_1ldx4rar2myao1rp976v7wc3hv.jpg?t=-1247774427 "Style </p>
<p> Manchester United have a pre-contract agreement with Real Madrid forward Gareth Pyle, according to <em> Diario Jules </em>. </p>
<p> Wales International is ready to bring a hit wave hit in Spain at the close and will move to Old Trafford in the summer of 2018. </p>
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Parka Blinting Blind by hand

 Daly Blind Manchester United "Probe =" Uid: 1twshdtctt3mc1b9lswstd87ap; "سرك =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/c1/3f/daley-blind-manchester-united_159qhz6dhlv5c1na1kav256y6f.jpg?t=106269160 "Style =" ويدث: 100%; بوردر-ويدث: </p>
<p> Parsley weighs in January approach to Manchester United's multi-use defender Daly Plind, claims <em> Marka </em>. </p>
<p> The giants of Catalonia are also studying another Dutchman, Stephane de Freij of Lazio, seeking to strengthen the ranks of Camp Nou. </p>
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<h2> Man Odd Medveder and Antide en Luan </center> </center> </center> [194900017] Scott McTeamaini, Man Utd "Probe =" Uid: 1kb61uge7xj511b882jiujjpmq; Hit: 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/3f/76/scott-mctominay-man-utd_1ezk6v8lsu3in15a8vmttmsurt.jpg?t=970569767 "Style =" Width: 100%; " </p>
<p> Manchester United midfielder Scott McCumtainay is required on loan by three championship clubs in the January transfer window, <em> Sun claims. </em></p>
<p> Mactomainay, who started the Premier League match against Bournemouth on Wednesday, is the goal for Bolton, Leeds and Priston. </p>
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<h2> Chelsea & Ockett Scott Max </h2>
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[194900017] Philippe Max, Augsburg, 18/18 "Prop =" Oyd: 1qx8sc9dngsj41gl9e66guke7k; : 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/34/a0/philipp-max-augsburg-1818_9n9cazmhply61sob3or1zu4o3.jpg?t=1372921520 "Style =" Width: 100%; "/

Chelsea and Manchester United both saw Augsburg behind Max Max against Hertha Berlin over the weekend, as reported by Daily Mail.

Max had an impressive season for Augsburg and seemed to be an option for Chelsea and Unite, both in the market for a new left back, as Juventus was chasing Alex Sandro.

Alex Sandro Favors Chelsea

[194900017] Alex Sandro Juventus "Probe =" Uid: 7zqqw77x521a1c4xxv214dhzw; https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/d8/a/alex-sandro-juventus_ia2npj2ke2a81hrtdqn7yyrw9.jpg?t=1044951094 "Style =" Width: 100%; Border-Width: 1px;

Juventus defender Alex Sandro prefers to move to Chelsea on Manchester United, claiming the sun .

The Blues were unable to defeat Brazil during the summer, allowing Red Devils to join the chase, but looking for a January replacement to the Stamford Bridge.

Mactarian Bantas Chaudhon TALKS

[194900017] Hnrich Machitarian, Man Otd "Probe =" Uid: 1s0njatcdsu201rj0lsg0ug6r4; 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/28/5c/henrikh-mkhitaryan-man-utd_1buwyaxbif8m15hscmywxedpb.jpg?t=-1033884074 "Style =" Width: 100%; "/ >

Heinrich Machitarian wants talks with Jose Mourinho to see if he has a future at Manchester United, according to Daily Star.

International Armenia made just one alternative appearance to the United States last month and was associated with a return to former club Borussia Dortmund.

Shau Demands of the Life Man Man Unite

 Luke Shau, Marcus Rushford, Man Otd "Prop =" Wade: 1auho77kzyqvu12j5lqhd5bvjn; : 400; Hit: 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/65/79/luke-shaw-marcus-rashford-man-utd_1bwyyozbhdrna1omd1ew1bkn9r.jpg?t=680127520 "Style = </p>
<p> Luke Shaw will only agree to leave Manchester United if the club earns 5 million pounds to cover potential losses in profits, according to the <em> Sun </em>. </p>
<p> ]
<p> It is expected to be launched in January, a marginal figure under Jose Mourinho. Chau is unlikely to receive the same wages as at Old Trafford elsewhere, and Chao will also be asked to cover the shortfall before accepting the move. </p>
<p> Newcastle United is one of the clubs that will be associated with defender Saleh in the New Year. </p>
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<h2> Man Otd and You Witikapas Tengar </h2>
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Manchester United called Vancouver Whitecaps teenager Alfonso Davis to trial in January, reports Edmonton's .

The 17-year-old midfielder, who became the youngest player of Canada's national team in the summer, is waiting for clearance from his club to accept the offer from the United States.

Romero taught Man Exited

 Sergio Romero, Manchester Unite, 17/18 "Probe =" Uid: eenfd9gyk0y01nqa4sqovbnw5; Height: 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/92/1e/sergio-romero-manchester-united-1718_25l5r2uhztmf1bnx9zet7fi1g.jpg?t=1085472032 "Style =" Width: 100% "</p>
<p> Sergio Romero thinks of leaving Manchester United in January so he can play regularly before the World Cup next summer, [ديلي ميل] <em>. </p>
<p> Romero maintained the first choice guard in Argentina, despite having to play the second violin at the club level to David Deja at United. </p>
<p> However, Romero wants to make sure that he is in the best shape possible before the World Cup in Russia and has been trying to get the January move. </p>
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Man Utd Steele and Pericik

 Pérezík Verona Inter Seri A "prop =" Wade: 59bhmcr2jiej1nshbu6ps2qva; Sark = "https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/6f/79/perisic-verona-inter-serie-a_1kqotjtmvhp0u1wuh1zfsybsz1.jpg?t=1865218407" Style = "Width: 100%; Border-Wiedth </p>
<p> Manchester United is still keen on Ivan Pericic after losing on the inner wing during the summer, reports <em> Sun </em>. </p>
<p> The Croats signed a new deal after staying in Italy, but it was a stunt to maintain its value and could be available in January for £ 45 million. </p>
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Odd Lane op. £ 95M Lazio Star

[19490001] Sireg Milenko- 300 "سرك =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/ae/ad/sergej-milinkovic-savic-lazio_qi4typ2skqvo1ncr4m7xzri0y.jpg?t=1434493423 "Style =" ويدث: 100%; بوردر-ويدث

Manchester United will look forward to breaking its record transfer to sign Sergei Milenkovic Savic to Lasio for 95 million pounds, according to Express .

The midfielder was also associated with Juventus, but Jose Mourinho made it a major goal for Old Trafford.

Man Utd To Offlod Shau & Darmian

 Luke Shau Manchester United 200917 "Probe =" Uid: np9g7xoednri11uuydeoh594q; 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/5d/34/luke-shaw-manchester-united-200917_x7ploq55mvia177id9ah9tghe.jpg?t=-1541720674 "Style =" Width: 100%; Border-Wiedth: 1px; </p>
<p> Manchester United listens to performances of Lucerne Shaw and Matthew Darmian, according to <em> Daily Record </em>. </p>
<p> Apparently, Shaw was shown on a group of English clubs, while the Italian international Darmian is also seen as depreciable by director Jose Mourinho. </p>
<p> United hopes to raise funds to buy the new left with Alex Sandro and Danny Rose two possible options in the winter transfer window. </p>
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Man Utd Plut Asencio Bied

 Marco Asencio Real Madrid "Probe =" Uid: 17tmpbzj0h25x1558hyf3yevgp; ; Hit: 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/9/3f/marco-asensio-real-madrid_ek53mcwwf8j01weviih6h6gha.jpg?t=1905419734 "Style =" Width: 100%; </p>
<p> Manchester United Real Madrid midfielder Marco Ascencio will move in January after the shelves planned to try to sign on to Gareth Bell, <em> reports without a balloon </em>. </p>
<p> The Red Devils are confident that they can land the 21-year-old because he was unable to decorate the regular starting pier in Santiago Bernabeu. </p>
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Man Otd and You Alex Sandro
[194900017] Alex Sandro Juventus "Probe =" Uid: 7zqqw77x521a1c4xxv214dhzw; "SERC =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/d8/a/alex-sandro-juventus_ia2npj2ke2a81hrtdqn7yyrw9.jpg?t=1044951094 "Style =" Width: 100%; "/>

Jose Mourinho made Juventus Alex Sandro his # 1 goal to fill Manchester United's left spot, reports Daily Record .

Mourinho used a variety of players on the left during his tenure as United, and was strongly associated with the January move of Danny Rose Tottenham.

However, Sandro is now on the list of wanted Mourinho after the failure of his former club Chelsea to persuade Juventus to sell Brazil international in the summer.

Chelsea Gwen Viter Toe Siegfried Arthur

 Arthur Milo Gremio "Prop =" Wade: 16as355wmku041q8lg05b32f2a; = "https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/dd/6c/arthur-melo-gremio_15ni37i06vs9k1461hhwjkzix3.jpg?t=-1614987969" Style = "Width: 100%;" /> </p>
<p> Chelsea joined the battle to sign the star of Gremio Arthur Millo, claiming the mirror <em>. </em> </p>
<p> Arthur is closely linked to the move to Barcelona, ​​while Manchester United have also been reported on the tab and put it. </p>
<p> Now Chelsea show interest amid suggestions of the club offering Arthur as a possible long-term replacement for Cesc Fabregas. </p>
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Man Otd Prodos Inter Milan Suab Del

 João Mario, Gabiguel - Inter "Probe =" Oued: 1p3zvxldrd6si11qyhmqk7pcnx; : 300 "سرك =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/a/19/joao-mario-gabigol-inter_pt2lm62yxxkv1g2qcpygi75rv.jpg?t=1644093423 "Style =" ويدث: 100%; "/ > </p>
<p> Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho wants to sign central midfielder Joao Mario and Juan Mata will be presented in return, reports <em> Corriere dello Sport </em>. </p>
<p> Mourinho is keen to improve his midline options in the January transfer window and is ready to sacrifice Mata to bring Joao Mario. </p>
<p> However, Inter is not too keen on Mata, and it prefers to see currently invalid Henrik Makhitanian listed in any possible swap deal. </p>
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Man Utd Wach € 80M-Rat Lazio Star

[194900017] Sergij Milinkovik-Savik Lazio "Prop =" Uid: klorux704iob198q872v3p5h7; Hit: 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/ae/ad/sergej-milinkovic-savic-lazio_qi4typ2skqvo1ncr4m7xzri0y.jpg?t=1434493423 "Style =" Width: 100%; " />

Manchester United was scouting watching Sereghe Milinkovic-Savic starring in Lazio's 2-1 victory over Sampdoria over the weekend, claiming Calciomercato.com .

The midfielder scored his other goal, where Lazio is likely to demand at least 80 million euros if he sells to Serbia at the end of the season.

Man Odd Confident of £ 50M Rose Del

 Danny Rose, Tottenham, 17/18 "Probe =" Uid: jbrw7s0sg9xy1xyolfcmlgct7; 400; Hit: 300 "Sark =" https://images.performgroup.com/di/library/GOAL/2e/3f/danny-rose-tottenham-1718_z1c2udyizkpw119hkuz9qfk6k.jpg?t=-897944353 "Style =" Width: 100 "</p>
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Manchester United Manchester United Jose Mourinho confident of Tottenham signing left back Danny Rose in a £ 50m deal, reports Daily Mail .

Mourinho keen to sign the new left and Rose was a long-term goal to fill this post, especially given his uncertain future in Spurs.

The Unitedists are now optimistic that they agree to an agreement with Spears to bring Rose to Old Trafford either in January or next summer.

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