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Real Madrid scored a team with the World Cup victory

Meringo achieved a record in 2017 and also joined a selection of clubs that crown the world champion in consecutive years

Real Madrid achieved the best history in the history of the club after they played in the Club World Cup by beating Gremio on Saturday.

Free kick Cristiano Ronaldo was enough to cancel a 1-0 victory over the Spanish side, who had pressed the island past 2-1 in the semi-finals.

Gremio defended his determination but showed little inclination to attack his illustrious rivals, even after retreating in the second half.

This timid approach allowed Madrid to journey to victory in the final and in the process make history.

The World Cup of the club is the fifth trophy for men Zinedine Zidane in 2017, a figure that has not been run by the club before.

La Liga were the first competition in the hands of Zidane this year, followed by a victory over Juventus to retain the Champions League.

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Other victories in La Liga and Spanish Supercups The number of trophies has ballooned to four, and Ronaldo & Co. completed the "Manita" on Saturday with the world title.

Madrid also became the first team in the history of the Club World Cup to retain the title, linking Barcelona to most of the victories in the competition with three.

Not since Sao Paulo's Til Santana in 1992 and 1993 (under the form of the Intercontinental Cup) has been a world champion for two years in a row, a distinction also made by Billy Santos (1962 and 1963), Helenio Herrera, s Inter (1964-5) and AC Milan under the supervision of Arigo Sachi (1989-90).

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