Supreme Court rejects Pennsylvania Republicans’ attempt to block Biden victory #Breaking112


The Supreme Court’s action is a crushing loss for Trump, who suggested as late as Tuesday that he thought the justices — including three of his nominees — might step in and take his side as he has continually and falsely suggested there was massive voter fraud during the election.

The one-line order was issued with no noted dissents. The court is made up of six conservative justices and three liberals.

The justices acted quickly, just after the final brief in the court was filed Tuesday afternoon, suggesting that they wanted to send a decisive message to challengers of the election results.

Tuesday marks the “safe harbor” deadline for the state under federal law. That means that when Congress tallies the electoral votes in January, it must accept electoral results that were certified before the deadline.

Steep odds

The effort from Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers faced steep odds at the Supreme Court, particularly because the dispute turned mostly on issues of state law. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed the challenge previously, holding that Rep. Mike Kelly and others bringing the suit failed to file their challenge in a timely manner.

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Lawyers for Kelly argued that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated his “right to petition and right to due process, guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, respectively, by closing all avenues of relief for past and future harms.”

But Pennsylvania officials called the petition “fundamentally frivolous.”

“No court has ever issued an order nullifying a governor’s certification of presidential election results,” argued J. Bart Delone, the state’s chief deputy attorney general. “The loss of public trust in our constitutional order resulting in this kind of judicial power would be incalculable.”

The emergency petition from the lawmakers was addressed to Justice Samuel Alito, who has jurisdiction over the Pennsylvania courts. He referred it to the whole court, which issued the order.

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