Witness breaks down in court after watching footage of George Floyd’s arrest #Breaking112



New cell phone video from Christopher Belfrey, a Minneapolis resident who was parking his car on the street corner, shows the moments after George Floyd was pulled out of the car by officers.

The video shows two officers standing above Floyd who is handcuffed, sitting on the ground.

Belfrey said he saw Floyd sitting in the driver’s seat of a car before officers arrived. He was in his vehicle outside of Cup Foods waiting for his fiancé who was in the store.

“They brought him out, walked him over to the sidewalk and sat him down. One officer then went over to the other people that was in the vehicle and started asking them questions,” he said during testimony.

Belfrey said he stopped recording because he started getting “nervous.”

“One of the officers kept staring at me while I was recording so I kind of put it down. Then I went to record again and then I was, like, I really don’t want any problems so I stopped recording,” he said.

He said when he stopped recording, he saw officers take Floyd across the street. Belfrey said he starting driving away when he thought officers were detaining Floyd.


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